Habitat Works is an environmental stewardship action group
performing volunteer projects to improve wildlife habitat 
in Southern California. 

Installing Kit Fox Dens for the San Joaquin Kit Fox.
Build it, and they will come!

Wind Wolves Preserve

      Going on that first backpacking trip through Piru Creek was probably the best experience/choice I've ever made, and it genuinely made a difference in my life and inspired me to follow my dreams.                    ~ Andy L, Los Angeles

      It was rewarding beyond words.  I was surrounded by like minded people who worked in the spirit of cooperation.  It was a super break from the monotony of the daily grind.  I felt rejuvenated when I returned to work.  Thank you for a weekend I won't forget.                                           ~ Mary H., Bakersfield
      It was a privilege to be part of your group this weekend.  You do an excellent job in all respects and truly are genuine, passionate, knowledgeable and well organized, and I so appreciate the experience.                 ~ LeeLee M., Los Angeles 

      I absolutely LOVED it.  Thank you guys so much for your vision and making a way for greenhorns like me to get involved.                            ~Diana C., Bakersfield

 Thank you! to the many great photographers 
who have generously shared their photos
 for use on this site!


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  • something with your own hands to improve habitat conditions in our local wildlands, and see tangible results at the end of the day?

  • beautiful, remote areas of Southern California, learn about our native ecosystems, and discover track & sign of abundant wildlife everywhere?

  • and adventure with other intrepid volunteers involved in meaningful stewardship in our own back yard?

     We host single day events, weekend campouts and backpacking trips in Southern California’s precious national forests, private preserves, state parks and national wildlife refuges.  As a volunteer, learn about our regional wildlife habitat and our native species, and have the hands-on opportunity to improve conditions where they live.  Sign up on our elist to hear about projects near you.  We'd love to meet and work with you soon!   

On Location
with the Condors

Native Habitats

Native Species

Rubio Canyon






Wildlife Watering Hole Restoration, Hungry Valley State Park


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